Action 4: Significantly improve communications and engagement with the public

Our Public Service’s high-level goal of delivering better outcomes for the public relies on improved service delivery. In Pillar 1: Delivering for our Public, the actions support the framework in two key aspects of this: responding to customers; and, ensuring value for money in delivering services.

Action 4 aims to enhance engagement and accountability around the delivery of public services, so that the public and businesses have greater input into the planning, design, implementation and review of public services.

This action focuses on supporting public service organisations in continuing to improve engagement with the public and businesses through available structures, and in seeking new and emerging platforms. This will be achieved through development and application of new approaches to policy design, evaluation, consultation, and implementation, as well as identifying international best practices in government communications. Understanding the evolution of public service communications and user-centred service design is key to ensuring that measurable outcomes for this action are achieved.

The Action 4 Team has representation from the main sectors of the public service, with expert support from the Government Information Service (GIS) in the Department of the Taoiseach.

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