Initiative Measures of progress
Move towards proactive communications culture and enabling communications strategy A Review of International Practices in Government Communications was prepared in consultation with the OPS2020 PMO and the Government Information Service (GIS).

To develop capacity building the GIS has delivered the first bespoke training course in Mobile Journalism in June 2019 to 40 staff across the civil and public service. Also, Heads of Communications have been appointed at senior, (Principal Officer), level across 13 Departments. The first competition for communications staff was launched by the Public Appointments Service in May 2019.

The Government Communications Network was established in July, 2018, and includes monthly network events covering a variety of topics.  The Network has grown and, at 30th June 2019, had over 400 members from across the civil and public service.

Institute structured citizen engagement mechanisms across the public service Case studies are being developed on best practice in citizen engagement, in collaboration with researchers and public policy experts. These aim to dentify the aspects of the design that worked and lessons learned that could inform future citizen engagement.

Two case studies have been undertaken to date with the assistance of the Institute of Public Administration and the University of Limerick.

  • Comhairle na nÓg and the National Strategy on Children and Young People’s Participation in Decision-making 2015 – 2020
  • €300k Have Your Say (South Dublin County Council)

A further three case studies on citizen engagement will be undertaken during 2019. These will be published with an overarching paper that will identify key factors to be considered when designing a citizen engagement initiative.

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