Quality Customer Service Network
  • Expand the QCSN to the wider Public Service
  • Utilise the Network in supporting initiatives under Action 2 – dissemination and focus group work
  • Update and expand existing supporting documentation for QCS Initiative (includes recently updated Guidelines for Preparation of Customer Service Action Plans and Charters)
  • Develop comprehensive work programme to address key issues in emerging customer service enablers – such as CRM, AI, blockchain, robotics, etc.
Develop common definitions
  • Create a shared understanding of customer service and customer experience
  • Baseline and track standard of customer service across the Public Service through surveys
  • Evaluate results from questionnaire sent to QCS Working Group, mapping customer service in the main customer-facing organisations of the Public Service
  • Consider customer service training specifications for the Public Service
  • Consider the feasibility of developing shared online modules and training options covering the basic elements of customer service.
  • Consider business case to develop Public Service-wide customer service programme – particularly focused on training and adaptable to different sectoral requirements
Public Service-wide Customer Service Strategy
  • Consider the business case to develop a public sector/civil service wide customer service strategy, adaptable to the needs of different sectors within the civil & public service, which includes a detailed and aligned training and engagement programme
  • Within this strategy, consider the metrics which Civil and Public service should adopt to measure CS performance
Customer Service roles
  • Consider the business case for defined Customer Service Management roles within the civil and public service
Quality Assurance
  • Develop measureable series of metrics for Quality Assurance model
  • Develop OPS2020 quality customer service accreditation system with Reform Evaluation Unit, DPER
  • Develop communications strategy for engaging leadership, middle management and frontline staff in improved commitment to customer service
  • Develop best practice protocols for engaging customers to contribute to the design and development of customer services
Develop Customer Service Culture in the Public Service
  • Consider the development of a holistic training programme that is supported by a strategy/engagement programme
  • Over time shift the focus from ‘customer service’ to ‘customer experience’ approach
  • Seek to shift to a customer-led design and ‘customer journey’ approach to service delivery – where customers’ views are fully considered.

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