“The next programme of Public Service reform is under development. In the meantime the OPS Networks and Action Teams will continue their existing work programmes, so keep an eye on the website for all our latest news. Please contact the PMO office if you have any queries at reformoffice@per.gov.ie
Quality Customer Service Network
  • Expand the QCSN to the wider Public Service
  • Utilise the Network in supporting initiatives under Action 2 – dissemination and focus group work
  • Update and expand existing supporting documentation for QCS Initiative (includes recently updated Guidelines for Preparation of Customer Service Action Plans and Charters)
  • Develop comprehensive work programme to address key issues in emerging customer service enablers – such as CRM, AI, blockchain, robotics, etc.
Develop common definitions
  • Create a shared understanding of customer service and customer experience
  • Baseline and track standard of customer service across the Public Service through surveys
  • Evaluate results from questionnaire sent to QCS Working Group, mapping customer service in the main customer-facing organisations of the Public Service
  • Consider customer service training specifications for the Public Service
  • Consider the feasibility of developing shared online modules and training options covering the basic elements of customer service.
  • Consider business case to develop Public Service-wide customer service programme – particularly focused on training and adaptable to different sectoral requirements
Public Service-wide Customer Service Strategy
  • Consider the business case to develop a public sector/civil service wide customer service strategy, adaptable to the needs of different sectors within the civil & public service, which includes a detailed and aligned training and engagement programme
  • Within this strategy, consider the metrics which Civil and Public service should adopt to measure CS performance
Customer Service roles
  • Consider the business case for defined Customer Service Management roles within the civil and public service
Quality Assurance
  • Develop measureable series of metrics for Quality Assurance model
  • Develop OPS2020 quality customer service accreditation system with Reform Evaluation Unit, DPER
  • Develop communications strategy for engaging leadership, middle management and frontline staff in improved commitment to customer service
  • Develop best practice protocols for engaging customers to contribute to the design and development of customer services
Develop Customer Service Culture in the Public Service
  • Consider the development of a holistic training programme that is supported by a strategy/engagement programme
  • Over time shift the focus from ‘customer service’ to ‘customer experience’ approach
  • Seek to shift to a customer-led design and ‘customer journey’ approach to service delivery – where customers’ views are fully considered.

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