Action 1: Accelerate digital delivery of services

This action aims to provide a citizen-centred digital environment through which the needs of the people can be served. It is intended to provide information and services to the public in an accessible, consistent and intuitive way.

Expectations for technology-enabled Government and public services continue to rise as the public becomes more accustomed to digitally provided services in both their home lives and for commercial transactions. The prevalence of mobile devices and the emergence of new types of technology presents an opportunity for Government and public services to connect easily with customers and to give them the most effective and efficient services possible.

To realise this vision, the Digital Leaders Group is working to provide citizens with the best online experience from beginning to end. This will be achieved through a smart, searchable Digital Services Gateway, easy-to-follow instructions, clear and secure payment methods, and fast, high-quality digital service delivery. Understanding the citizen’s expectations of digitalisation and what digital government services means to the public is key to ensuring intended outcomes are achieved.

The group responsible for driving this programme is led by chairpersons John McKeon and Barry Lowry. Details of the Digital Leaders Group membership can be found here.

Four core initiatives were identified by the group for prioritisation, further information on this can be found here.

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