Initiative Measure of progress
Engaging with our customers The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) undertook a large consultation to understand citizens’ frustrations when trying to interact with the State digitally. This has resulted in 11 concrete recommendations for implementation.

This research, undertaken by IPSOS MRBI, analysed access and use of online Government services at 8 key life-stages. There were encouraging findings in this research, especially in relation to supporting the MyGOVID common identifier with 83% of people agreeing that it is convenient to have a unique number allowing access all Government services online.

Masters Degree Students in Trinity College Dublin’s programme on Digital Marketing were engaged as part of their learning experience to examine ‘pain points’ in dealing with the Irish State in a digital context. Students completed 20 assignments on the difficulty in digitally accessing Irish public services and issued numerous recommendations to help address these difficulties.

Developing a portfolio management tool The OGCIO worked throughout 2018 to develop a procurement strategy for a portfolio management tool which will be available for public service bodies to implement. The portfolio management tool will enable public servants to manage individual projects, full programmes of separate but related projects, and portfolios of programmes.

There has also been substantial engagement with the sectors, (including Health, Education and Justice), on defining business requirements for a project portfolio management solution.

A tender evaluation team from across the sectors was established. The tender is due to go to the market during 2019.

Creating a Digital Services Catalogue and Digital Post Box A digital services catalogue template was developed for population by sectors which can be used to record and classify services. This will be prioritised for implementation under Action 1.

A digital post box service is being commissioned from the digital services catalogue. The digital post box will improve citizens’ choice around the receipt of government communications. The service will allow citizens to receive their government or public service post digitally, in a secure electronic mailbox.

All public service bodies will be able to communicate with individuals through this single shared platform. Putting the citizens in control, the service is to be offered on an opt-in basis and it is, over time, expected to result in significant savings in terms of postage costs.

The request for tender was issued to the market in December 2018. The digital post box is expected to be launched by the end of 2019.

Implementation of the Digital Services Gateway By the end of March 2019, two Government Departments had fully migrated over to the Digital Services Gateway,, with further migrations expected throughout 2019.

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