Action 15: Strengthen performance management

Performance management systems, processes and practices vary across the public service. Organisational performance is dependent on the performance of individuals and teams across the public service. To encourage a strong performance and accountability culture, performance management should be strengthened and practiced on a day-to-day basis. There is, however, potential to collaborate on good practice and highlight opportunities to replicate good approaches where appropriate.

Public service organisations reporting through sector leads to the PSLB will be responsible for implementing this action by:

  • Fully implementing the performance management systems in sectors where they do not currently exist by 1 January 2019, as mandated under Section 2.7 of the Public Services Stability Agreement 2018-2020, which is the agreement reached between Government and the public service unions and representative associations.


See fully expanded description of this action on P.35 of Our Public Service.


While this action was not selected as a specific action for 2018/2019, the core values are being progressed as part of other actions in Our Public Service, including:

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