Action 13: Mainstream strategic workforce planning in the public service

The focus of this action is to support strategic workforce planning across the public service to enable a whole-of-public service perspective on the key trends and drivers for workforce challenges, likely impacts on organisational capacity and the associated public expenditure implications.

Mainstreaming strategic workforce planning will allow for more effective forward planning and identification of what future skills are required, as well as where and when. There are a number of key challenges ahead, including the significant projected retirements in the public service over the next five years and the associated potential loss of knowledge and essential skills.

This will require balanced recruitment and retention of staff. It will be necessary to identify opportunities to support the enhancement and development of new skills for existing staff as well as to plan for a future public service workforce pipeline.

The purpose of Action 13 is:

  • To advance strategic workforce planning as a discipline within the public service
  • To ensure the value of strategic workforce planning is understood across the public service
  • To provide for an aligned approach to workforce initiatives to address cross-sectoral challenges

Action 13 Team is jointly led by the Department of Health and the Health Service Executive.

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