Five initiatives were developed and proposed by the Action 13 Team, to provide for an aligned approach to strategic workforce planning initiatives to address cross-sectoral challenges and build on embedding workforce planning across the public service. The initiatives are outlined in the following table.


Initiatives Measures of progress
Creation of common understanding A Strategic Workforce Planning Definition and Guiding Principles has been agreed by the action team.
Standardise the approach to data



Existing data used across the public service in strategic workforce planning was examined. Common data-sets across sectors were identified, and common standards and definitions are being agreed.


Communicating the value



Strategic workforce planning is now established as a competency in HSE Leading Care III Programme.


Inaugural HSE Strategic Workforce Planning Conference held in February 2019.


Civil Service strategic workforce planning workshops and training for HR managers have taken place. Training resources have been created and rolled out.


Addressing systemic challenges


A project on capturing and analysing job churn across and within public service organisations has been commenced by the Reform Evaluation Unit, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and the Central Statistics Office.


Updated Institute of Public Administration Research Paper on Strategic Workforce Planning in the Public Service was published in July 2019.


Network for shared learning


Research is underway to develop a strategic workforce planning resource area on the OPS2020 portal to support strategic workforce planning in the public service.


A strategic workforce planning resource area was developed on the HSE portal (HSEland).

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