The Public Service Innovation Strategy was developed collectively, involving public servants from a range of different organisations. Its purpose is to embed innovation across our public service to deliver now and to help shape the future, positioning Ireland to become a world leader in public service innovation.

We encourage all public service bodies to make use of the supports and tools published alongside this strategy (November 2020), to assist them in driving a culture of innovation within their organisations. This will ensure alignment to the overarching vision and key priorities articulated in this document.


Here are the documents you need to get started:

1. Public Service Innovation Strategy – this is the overarching innovation strategy for the Public Service.


2. Innovation Strategy Development Guidance document for public service bodies – this document will guide public service bodies to design their own innovation strategy to align with the overarching Public Service Innovation Strategy.


3. Public Service Innovation Canvas – this support will enable public service bodies to identify initiatives that will help to actualise innovation under certain priority headings.

DPER_Innovation_Strategy_Canvas xlsx (MS Excel file download)


4. Innovation Snapshot Tool – this tool allows public service bodies to conduct a simplified innovation maturity assessment.

Innovation Snapshot pptx (MS PowerPoint file download)


Additional supports:

5. Sample Priority GANTT Chart

Sample GANTT Chart_Strategy Development (MS PowerPoint file download)

6. Strategy Template

DPER Innovation Strategy Template (MS Word file download)

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