In 2017, the Department of Public Expenditure & Reform published a new policy framework Our Public Service 2020 that builds on previous reform programs. This new framework is based on three pillars:

  • Delivering for our Public
  • Innovating for our Future
  • Developing Our People and Organisations

The purpose of these pillars is to guide the direction taken by all Public Service Organisations to ensure there is a constant focus on reform so that we deliver better outcomes for the public.

Specific sub-actions that are already established are listed below and the links give further guidance regarding each topic.

Prior to that in 2011 the Programme for Government contained commitments to identify and eliminate non-priority programmes and to deliver non-critical functions using innovative and alternative models. The Government also pledges to open up the delivery of public services to a range of providers.

Building on this, in 2014 the Public Service Reform Plan further commited to identifying and evaluating new business models and opportunities such as External Service Delivery to support the delivery of a range of non-core processes or services.

The Our Public Service 2020 plan is the next iteration on this journey to continuously improve the functioning of the Civil and Public Service.

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