Each of the actions of Our Public Service 2020 is progressed by an action team. Action teams are made up of sectoral experts led by a member of the Public Service Leadership Board and sponsored by a member of the Public Service Management Group. Click here for further information on the reporting structures of Our Public Service 2020.

The following organisation chart summarises the linkages:

OPS2020 Organisation Structure

The Action 10 Team is made up of sectoral representatives from various civil and public service bodies who meet approximately every three months.

The Action 10 Team review progress on eight initiatives (see Initiatives link in the right hand menu) which were identified in their Scoping Paper. It has the ability to create and resource various sub-groups and invite sub-group updates at their meetings.

Membership of Action 10 Team can be found at this link. A10 Team has created an efficient collaborative space where ideas and initiatives across the civil and public service are shared.

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