Initiative Measures of progress
Programme and Project Management Scope, Maturity assessment, Auditing and Benchmarking Some questionnaires and polls conducted at each of the four Project Managers’ Network (PMN) conferences conducted in 2020 provided some early indications of maturity assessment but more work is required on this initiative.
Governance and Reporting Guidelines Consideration is being given to establishing the optimal manner of supporting the Action 10 objective through development of a best practice model/set of principles/”How to” list which people can adopt/tailor for their own organisation.

This may also involve creating a repository of all documents produced by the A10 Team which may be added as an Appendix to the PS PM Handbook.

There may be conclusions from this work that could have wider application in relation to implementation of other OPS2020 Actions.

Communication Strategy This initiative has strong links with all Action 10 initiatives and their associated activities.
Identify pilot policy/ strategic projects to demonstrate the benefits of Programme and Project Management A sub-group established under the Action 10 Team has sourced a variety of exemplar Case Studies from across the Public Service.

These have been collated and a Catalogue/Reference Guide developed by PMO Department of Defence under agreed themes in a way that further case studies can be added as they are received.

The Case Studies were launched at the first Public Service Project Managers Network Conference on 3 September 2019 and can be accessed using the Case Studies link on the right hand menu.

The catalogue and reference guide will be regularly reviewed and updated.

Integrate Programme and Project Management into training across the Public Sector A sub-group was established to define and codify the competencies and skills required to fulfil the various roles within project, programme and portfolio management in the Public Service, and to provide guidance on the training necessary to achieve said competencies and skills.

The Training sub-group has produced a suite of draft documents relating to certified courses and project management competencies.

Members have had direct engagement on the Administrative Officer (AO) training programme and have discussed opportunities to refresh the current project management training opportunities provided through OneLearning.

Develop reach of the current Civil Service Project Management Network (CSPMN), including possible sub-networks at Public Service level Formal transition from the CS PMN to the PS PMN took place at the PMN Conference on 3rd September 2019. Due to Covid-19, all PMNs are now being held as webinars.

Details of all PMNs are available at the Resources link in the right hand menu.

Handbooks for Programme and Project Management Action 10 Team has reviewed and adapted a Project Management Handbook for the Public Service with the intention of:

  1. supporting managers by giving them an easy reference guide to the core principles and methodologies of project management and;
  2. promoting a standardised and consistent approach to the governance of project management across the Public Service.

The revised Handbook, which highlights linkages with the revised (2019) Public Spending Code, was launched at the Public Service Project Managers Network Conference in December 2019. A “How To” information video on the Handbook has been developed to help with promulgating awareness.

The Handbook and video are available at the Resources link in the right hand menu.

Developed approach to Programme and Project Management implementation taking account of cultural and change management considerations. This is linked to Sustainability which includes change management, sectoral specific issues and embedding Project Management.

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