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DBEI Innovation Week 2019

In January 2019 the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) delivered its first innovation week. A concentrated focus on innovation, under the banner of a ‘DBEI Innovation Week’, drew significant attention and focus on innovation, its many forms, and how staff could partake in innovative-thinking and collaboration. DBEI Innovation Week consisted of the following elements:

  • Launch of Ideas Call;
  • Innovation Talk Series;
  • Innovation Articles on DBEI’s Intranet;
  • DBEI ‘Hackathon’ Event; and
  • Innovative Ideas Finale Event – elevator pitches and winners announced.

A guiding principle for the development of Innovation Week was to ensure staff were able to engage in, and access innovation in a number of diverse ways. Some people were ready and eager to put forward a proposal for the Ideas Call. Others liked to participate in the Hackathon, a first for the Civil Service, where colleagues from different departments, offices and agencies, at different grades with diverse experiences ‘hacked’ current DBEI challenges in an effort to find and refine solutions.

Other colleagues were more comfortable attending one of the many Innovation “Tea Talks” or reading one of the inspiring innovation-themed articles on DBEI’s intranet. And at the Innovation Week Finale Event we were inspired by colleagues pitching their ideas.

A key objective of Innovation Week was to ensure that there was something for everyone, regardless of where they were on their Innovation journey.

Read more in DBEI Innovation Week: A Case Study.

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