“The next programme of Public Service reform is under development. In the meantime the OPS Networks and Action Teams will continue their existing work programmes, so keep an eye on the website for all our latest news. Please contact the PMO office if you have any queries at reformoffice@per.gov.ie

Delivering for Our Public – Gov.ie

The gov.ie website represents a significant step forward when it comes to the digital delivery of services and information. gov.ie is a shared website for all government departments which means that users can understand the services and policies the government offers from one single location, instead of having to visit all 17 departments individually.

gov.ie is much more than a website. It represents a dramatic shift in how government communicates with people and business. gov.ie will deliver content in a way that focuses on the user of the services rather than the providers of those services. It will help make content more accessible by:

  • designing content for users’ needs
  • using plain English

The gov.ie team, based at the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), are working with each Government Department as it transitions from its existing departmental website, and is at hand to offer training, advice and guidance when it comes to using the new website.

Departmental websites that have been added to gov.ie so far include Public Expenditure and Reform, Finance, Rural and Community Development and the Department of the Taoiseach.

More Departments are currently in the pipeline, and all Departments are expected to have made the transition by mid-2020.

gov.ie underpins multiple efforts by the public service to improve digital services including:

  • Our Public Service 2020 (accelerate digital delivery of services)
  • Public Service ICT Strategy (Digital First)
  • eGoverment Strategy (we will deliver a digital services gateway)

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