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Learning Event for Continuous Professional Development


In March 2019 phase 1 of the Action Team 14 project saw the Department of Education and Skills host a Learning Event “Collaborating with Education Providers to Empower our People.This was designed to share the positive lessons learnt from collaborative work done between the Institute of Technology Carlow, the Defence Forces and other organisations. These programmes were based on the recognition of ongoing and prior learning, (and certification within the National Framework of Qualifications), of the skills, knowledge and competencies required to operate at different levels in the Defence Forces.

The learning event brought together key stakeholders from across Ireland’s civil and public services to look at how we can innovate and collaborate to deliver better services to the public. It also included speakers from Cork Institute of Technology and the VHI.

Phase 2 of this project will look at the applicability of a similar approach in another sector and a pilot project. Further phases of the project will explore possible identification of a suite of public service core skill modules, and ultimately the publication of a guide to the engagement, development, delivery and review process that could be used by the wider public service to work with education providers.

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