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Spark Innovation Programme

Published on 28 Nov 2018 The HSE’s National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP) division established Spark in July 2017 as a national NCHD-led programme to encourage, support and recognise innovation among doctors in Ireland. Innovation means rethinking the old ways of working and doing new things that improve how we train our doctors and how … Continued

DBEI Innovation Week 2019

In January 2019 the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI) delivered its first innovation week. A concentrated focus on innovation, under the banner of a ‘DBEI Innovation Week’, drew significant attention and focus on innovation, its many forms, and how staff could partake in innovative-thinking and collaboration. DBEI Innovation Week consisted of the following … Continued

Publication: Citizen Engagement Case Studies

The Reform Delivery Office in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform has developed a series of case studies on citizen engagement, in partnership with researchers and public bodies, to: Document and capture learning around implementation and delivery of citizen engagement initiatives; Acknowledge progress made and share best practice in citizen engagement initiatives; and Create … Continued

Diversity and Inclusion – PRAI

The Property Registration Authority (PRA) has continued to promote Diversity in all its facets, not least through formalising its Diversity and Inclusion Committee as part of its Governance Framework.  This not only facilitates the PRA in meeting its Public Sector Duty obligations to its workforce but is also an important staff engagement mechanism. Speed texting … Continued

Learning Event for Continuous Professional Development

  In March 2019 phase 1 of the Action Team 14 project saw the Department of Education and Skills host a Learning Event “Collaborating with Education Providers to Empower our People.” This was designed to share the positive lessons learnt from collaborative work done between the Institute of Technology Carlow, the Defence Forces and other … Continued

HSE – Inaugural Strategic Workforce Planning Conference

The Health Service ‘People Strategy’ sets out to develop an integrated multi-disciplinary workforce planning framework based on best practice to add value, attract and retain talent and deliver on organisational goals. Working Together for Health – A National Strategic Framework for Health and Social Care Workforce Planning, (Nov 2017), sets out an 18 month action … Continued

SRSS – Base line study of the Irish Civil and Public Service Innovation Ecosystem

In Q3 of 2018 DPER reached agreement with the SRSS on the structure and format of a baseline study aimed at establishing the current innovation eco-system operating across the public services. The purpose of this study is to identify current good practice, but also gaps and barriers regarding innovation. Deloitte were then commissioned to perform … Continued

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  In the framework document Our Public Service 2020 (OPS-2020), Action-6 under the Innovation pillar specifically mentions Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as an efficiency tool to “help public service organisations to deliver leaner, faster and cheaper back-office functions”. During 2017, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) ran a pilot study in RPA where … Continued

Delivering for Our Public –

The website represents a significant step forward when it comes to the digital delivery of services and information. is a shared website for all government departments which means that users can understand the services and policies the government offers from one single location, instead of having to visit all 17 departments individually. … Continued

The Citizens Assembly- Department of the Taoiseach

The Citizens’ Assembly was an exercise in deliberative democracy which placed the citizen at the heart of important legal and policy issues facing Irish society. 99 citizen members considered five distinct topics over 19-months. The five issues the Assembly was mandated to consider were: the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution (which concerns abortion); how we … Continued