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Rating Digital Services for Citizens

How can we be sure that citizens are getting the digital services they want in a manner they can use?

In October 2018, the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) engaged with the TCD Masters’ in Digital Marketing programme seeking to understand citizens’ experiences and identify areas of improvement for online government services. The project was part of the Enabling Digital Ireland programme, which seeks to capture the voices and experiences of people at different life stages, and their experiences interacting with government services.

The students engaged with citizens to understand what they like about digital government services, where government could do better, ideas for new online government services, and potential barriers. The project covered a diverse range of government services, including paying tax in your first job, applying for a driving licence, immigration, and registering to vote.

The research found that digital government services, including some considered as exemplars, can fall short of expectations on a range of fronts. The consistent theme was that there is little evidence of the voice of the customer being heard when government bodies design digital services. These findings are helping us make informed decisions on future digital public services, and we are delighted that Trinity will work with us again for Cohort 2019/20.

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