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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – communicate with citizens and strive for behavioural change

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has several platforms through which it communicates with the public.

Beaches.ie is a new, mobile-enabled website that provides information about bathing water at Ireland’s beaches. The website allows people to access the information they need before setting out to enjoy a day by the water.

Catchments.ie allows easier public access to water-related environmental data that has been gathered by the EPA and other bodies. Key features of the site include maps and community-based stories, making it easier for people to get information about water quality in Ireland and to get involved in protecting their local catchment.

The iPhone App ‘See it? Say it!’ helps people to report environmental pollution in their towns and villages. They can use the App to report a pollution incident the moment they see it. People can now take a photograph of the pollution incident, input GPS location coordinates, add a summary description of the issue and this will automatically be sent to the relevant local authority for follow up.

Epa.ie/irelandsenvironment won the ‘General’ category at the eGovernment Awards in 2016 for the redesign of Ireland’s environment web resource. It provides for easier public access to environmental data under eight environmental themes. Information is available in a variety of formats, including videos, charts, infographics and fact sheets.

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