Designing Our Public Services

Welcome to Designing Our Public Services

Evidence from around the world shows that design is a powerful tool for transformation and innovation in how public services are delivered. This is not design limited to aesthetic considerations – but the holistic design of service experiences & delivery, focused on the needs of people.

Here you can find the prototype Design Principles – Designing Our Public Services.

Designing our Public Services is an aid for public servants that are eager to put people at the forefront of service provision. This set of principles should serve to empower Our Public Service to embrace a new way of working, to incorporate powerful tools and techniques, and to deliver human-centric solutions to complex social issues. These principles are just the beginning of our efforts to put design, and the people we are designing our services for, at the heart of Our Public Service.

We hope the prototype will serve to spark interest, conversation and ideas. Like any good prototype, it can only get better with your feedback.  We will shortly commence a stakeholder engagement process to iterate these principles and produce an action plan for embedding design techniques in the delivery of services to the public.  This process will enable you, as a public servant, to submit your thoughts  on how these principles can shape the future direction of public service delivery in Ireland. Please check back here soon for more information.

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