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Human-Centred Innovation: A journey through empathy, insight and action

12pm-1pm at Online | WebEx

Human-Centred Innovation: A journey through empathy, insight and action




The objective of Human-Centred Innovation is quite simple – to harness empathy, insight and action to create meaningful outcomes and enable people to make progress. While this approach is often presented simply, even superficially, in reality, it requires innovators to embark on a journey of learning and exploration, experimentation and execution. Like any meaningful journey, to be successful, you must have an aspiration, a map, appropriate  tools and the right mindset for success. You also go further and achieve more with a well aligned and focused team. In this presentation,

Trevor Vaugh will introduce participants to the ARRIVE framework – a pragmatic approach to human-centred innovation and a set of principles that he and his colleagues have evolved to provide a map, tools and mindsets for individuals and teams as they embark on their journey of creating meaningful outcomes and change. This talk will guide participants through the process and principles of Human-Centred innovation, illustrating each with case studies, theoretical justification and examples from Trevor’s diverse portfolio of projects.

This event will be recorded and made available afterward.

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