Artificial Intelligence Resources


Irish Government AI Resources

The following links contain some public service based AI resources.

  • AI Forum on
    • The AI Forum is a space for Civil and Public Servants discuss AI project for the delivery of public services through AI, or interesting AI initiatives.

  • Learning and Development Programmes
    • Click the link above for information on AI courses available to Civil and Public Servants. The course will be run again early in 2023.

  • AI: Here For Good (National AI Strategy)
    • The national strategy for AI outlining our vision that Ireland will be an international leader in using AI to the benefit of our population, through a people-centred, ethical approach to AI development, adoption and use.
  • AI Skill Report
    • A Preliminary Assessment of the Skills Needed for the Deployment, Management and Regulation of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Company Law Review Group (pages 165 to 176)
    • The Company Law Review Group compiled a report for the Minister for Trade, Enterprise & Employment regarding how the proliferation of AI may impact on company law.
  • AI in the Public Service
    • Webinar on the use of AI in the delivery of Public Services.


AI Primers


OECD AI Documents

  • OECD Principles on AI
    • General OECD resource page outlining AI policy, AI principles and frameworks for classifying AI systems
  • Artificial Intelligence in Society.
    • This book aims to build a shared understanding of AI in the present and near term. It maps the social and economic impacts of AI and their policy implications.


AI White Papers


EU AI Publications

  • The Artificial Intelligence Act – An EU Proposal for Regulation
    • This is the proposed regulation put to the European Parliament.
  • Artificial Intelligence – A European Perspective
    • This report presents a European view of AI based on independent research and analysis by the European Commission Joint Research Centre to inform the debate at the European level.
  • Building Trust in Human-Centric Artificial Intelligence
    • The European AI strategy and the coordinated plan make clear that trust is a prerequisite to ensure a human-centric approach to AI: AI is not an end in itself, but a tool that has to serve people with the ultimate aim of increasing human well-being.
  • AI Watch. Artificial Intelligence for the public sector
    • The workshop aimed at expanding the existing knowledge on the endeavours undertaken by Member States and Associated Countries on the use of AI in the Public Sector.
  • AI Watch. Beyond pilots: sustainable implementation of AI in public services
    • This document first introduces the concept of AI appropriation in government, seen as a sequence of two logically distinct phases, respectively named adoption and implementation of related technologies in public services and processes.
  • Ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI
    • The aim of the Guidelines is to promote Trustworthy AI. Trustworthy AI has three components, which should be met throughout the system’s entire life cycle: (1) it should be lawful, complying with all applicable laws and regulations (2) it should be ethical, ensuring adherence to ethical principles and values and (3) it should be robust, both from a technical and social perspective since, even with good intentions, AI systems can cause unintentional harm.


AI Think Tank Publications

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