Open Data Training

Training courses on Open Data are available for Public Servants.  Courses are provided by Urban Tide and details of 2020 course offerings as well as registration details are available here.   This is a link to their training brochure.  This training is recommended for staff who collect government data, those working in data analytics, staff in corporate services and anyone with an interest in data or responsibility for managing data.   Urban Tide can also provide bespoke training courses tailored to meet the particular needs of an organisation in relation to open data.


By way of background, a national Open Data Strategy 2017-2022 was published in July 2017.  The Strategy aims to create an environment where the economic, social and democratic opportunities and benefits of Open Data can be achieved through the use and re-use of Government data by citizens, researchers, business and public bodies.  The Strategy contains a 5 year implementation plan which specifies a number of actions to be carried out by public bodies.   These include carrying out data audits and the development of open data publication plans to increase the publication of open data and the number of open datasets linked to the national open data portal   This single supplier open data training framework was put in place in conjunction with the Office of Government Procurement (OGP) in Summer 2017 to assist public bodies to build capacity around Open Data and we would encourage as many staff as possible to avail of this training opportunity.

Full details of all upcoming open data courses are available here:

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