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AI – Foundation Certificate Application Form

As part of our commitments set out in the Public Service Innovation Strategy, Making Innovation Real, the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) is pleased to announce the launch of a Certificate in the Foundations of Artificial Intelligence for public servants. This pilot programme aligns with our goals to upskill staff in important areas that will foster innovation in addition to driving transformative innovation by leveraging new and emerging technologies.

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) has secured 20 places on a Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence run by Krisolis, which is awarded by Technological University Dublin. The course carries 10 Level-8 ECTS credits. The cost for the 20 places will be funded by DPER. The Department will not be responsible for any further costs associated with the course of study undertaken by applicants.

The course is 12 weeks long. There will be 5 hours per week of on-line class based learning per week. Students are typically expected to engage in additional study (recommended 10 hours). Full course notes will be provided to students.

Typically, a criterion of acceptance by TUD is that applicants have a current Level-8 qualification on the National Framework of Qualifications. However, applications are also welcomed from those with an IT-oriented Level-7 qualification accompanied by relevant IT work experience.

Applications must be sanctioned by a senior manager in your organisation (equivalent of Principal Officer or higher in the Civil Service). While the exact details have not been finalised yet, it is likely the course will run during working hours and will commence in November.

The course curriculum includes:

  • Introduction to AI
  • Managing AI Projects
  • AI Tools and Ecosystems
  • AI Solution Design and Case Studies
  • Data Visualization
  • The Mathematical Foundations of AI
  • Introduction to Programming (Python)
  • Ethical Practice in AI, Data Science and Analytics

Student assessment will be a mix of continual assessment, project submission and a learning journal. Although there is a programming element to the course, it is deemed to be accessible to those with no previous programming experience.

Applicants should note that places are limited and places will be allocated based on:

  • The applicant’s general suitability, including educational requirements
  • The applicant’s role in their organisation, especially as it may pertain to the implementation of AI or ownership of, or familiarity with, a process or function that may be suitable for AI deployment
  • The need to balance places across the Public Service
  • Potential use-cases advanced by the applicant

The decision of DPER in allocating these places is final.

Although DPER has secured 20 places, the provider (Krisolis) may also accommodate additional people on the course. In circumstances where you have not been successful in your application but your organisation wishes to fund a place independently, your organisation should liaise directly with the provider.

Applications close on October 8th 2021.  Queries may be directed to the Reform and Innovation Division of DPER at: rpa@per.gov.ie


Foundation Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Please note there is a 'Save and Continue Later' option at the end of the page. You can copy and paste from another document into this form. You will receive a copy of your application by email when you click submit. If you have any difficulties, please email rpa@per.gov.ie.
  • Application Form for Foundation Certificate in AI

  • Please state your highest level qualification to date, the title of the award, the awarding body, and its level on the National Framework of Qualifications (400 word limit)
  • Note: Only public service bodies are eligible.
  • Senior Manager Information

    The application should be approved by your Senior Management. Please include details of your senior manager (which should be the equivalent of a Principal Officer, or higher, in the Civil Service).
  • 1. Application Details

  • Outline your personal interest in AI and any previous experiences or courses you have done in AI. You can also explain why your organisation wants you to attend this course. (400 word limit)
  • 2. Proposed Project from your Organisation - if Applicable

    Applications from organisations with AI projects planned in the near to medium future will be prioritized
  • Please provide a summary of the challenge or problem your organisation faces and why you believe AI technology may be a suitable mechanism to address the problem/challenge (400 word limit)
  • How can the proposed solution bring greater value to your organisation and/or make public services more impactful for the user? Please cite relevant evidence and research where available. (400 word limit)