Excellence in Customer Service Case Studies

Improving how the Public Service engages with its customers and improving service design and delivery is a core part of Our Public Service 2020 (OPS2020). The Reform Delivery Office (RDO) has developed the Excellence in Customer Service Case Studies in conjunction with the Quality Customer Service Network (QCSN), as a commitment developed under the OPS2020 Development and Innovation Framework Action 2 Improve services for our customers and Action 3 Make services more accessible to all. This collection of case studies demonstrates how our Public Service is continually working to improve customer service and put our citizens at the centre of service design and delivery. It is intended that these case studies will inform customer service design and continued improvements in the future. They also demonstrate how public service collaboration, digital innovations, optimised use of data, and people and process innovations can deliver significant service level improvements for our citizens.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the significance of the Public Service to the lives of our citizens. This collection of case studies highlights many of the wonderful and inspirational customer service innovations across the Public Service in response to COVID-19. These case studies demonstrate the commitment of our public servants and their ability to deliver innovations in customer service in response to evolving citizen needs. This has greatly benefitted some of the most vulnerable people in our society. While the implementation of some of these customer service innovations began pre-pandemic, others emerged as a direct response to ensure service delivery during this challenging period and will remain in place for as long as is required.

The key objectives of the case studies are to capture learning around the delivery of innovative and proactive customer service initiatives; acknowledge progress made; share best practice; and create a valuable resource that can inform the future development of customer service provision across the Public Service. These case studies are not intended to evaluate the overall success and impact of the cases examined, rather the aim is to capture a core sample of customer service innovations from across Ireland’s Public Service. Furthermore, by telling the story behind these case studies, we hope to communicate the achievements and acknowledge the significant progress that has been made under OPS2020.

We are grateful for the continued commitment of the QCSN and would like to thank the Network, along with the OPS2020 Action Team 2&3 and Case Studies Steering Group made up of Public Service representatives, for their contributions and support in developing these case studies.

Excellence in Customer Service Case Studies (link to pdf)