“The next programme of Public Service reform is under development. In the meantime the OPS Networks and Action Teams will continue their existing work programmes, so keep an eye on the website for all our latest news. Please contact the PMO office if you have any queries at reformoffice@per.gov.ie

Our Public Service Newsletter, Vol. 8 (September 2021)



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What’s in this issue?

  • Future Tech Challenge: Final Evaluation Pitch Event, p. 2
  • Future Tech Challenge – Invite, p. 12
  • September 2021 Innovation Network Event: Skills for Successful Innovation, p. 13
  • Making Innovation Real: Developing an Innovation Strategy in a Public Service Body – Invite, p. 16
  • Quality Customer Service Network, p. 17
  • Certificate in the Foundation of Artificial Intelligence, p. 18
  • In Conversation With…. Sport Ireland, p. 19
  • In Other News…, p. 24
  • Dates for your diary, p. 25