Robotic Process Automation Framework Agreement

The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) has awarded the Single Supplier Framework Contract for the provision of Robotic Process Automation Software – Training, Support and Services to Deloitte.
To help achieve the benefits of RPA, the services that can now be drawn down by Civil and Public Service bodies are:

  1. The supply, renewal and installation of RPA licenses
  2. The provision of RPA training and development
  3. The provision of RPA expert technical support
  4. The provision of RPA and RPA-related consultancy services

RPA training and professional development of Civil and Public Service staff is a core element of the services contracted for so that framework client staff will become self-sufficient in the development and deployment of RPA technology. This will free current employed Civil and Public Servants to handle those more complex tasks and customer interactions that are best handled by people.