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Public Service Innovation Fund 2022 – Application Form

The Our Public Service team are now accepting applications for the Public Service Innovation Fund 2022.

Applications are sought prior to the deadline of 17th December 2021. 


Public Service Innovation Fund 2022 Application

Please note there is a 'Save and Continue Later' option at the end of the page. You can copy and paste from another document into this form. You will receive a copy of your application by email when you click submit. If you have any difficulties, please email innovation@per.gov.ie.
  • Project Owner Information

  • Please add a line for each collaborating organisation.
    OrganisationContact Person 
  • Note: Only public service bodies are eligible - see the Information Guide for more details.
  • 1. Project Overview

  • Green Initiatives – These projects seek to solve a current environmental issue.

    Sustainability – These projects seek to solve problems that improves future generations ability to sustain themselves.

    Citizen Support Innovation – These projects seek to listen to the needs of the citizen and transform these problems into easy to use solutions.

    Digital Transformation – These projects seek to use digital technology for the development of solutions and promotes working through ideas in new ways.
  • Is the project in line with your organisation's strategic priorities?
  • Please provide a summary of the situation or problem being addressed, proposed solution and what the funding will be used for. Summary should also outline if this project forms part of broader organisational strategy plan.

    Please use plain English for a general audience.

    (2000 word limit)
  • Please specify how this project proposal will deliver efficiencies and provide benefits for the end user.

    (500 word limit)
  • Please specify how this project proposal can be scaled in your sector or across other sectors.

    (500 word limit)
  • Applicants are invited to create a 2-3 minute video or provide images to support their application. The video or image(s) should be used to tell the story of your project and to highlight the key points of the problem, the proposed solution and the anticipated value created for the user.

    Please note: There are no specific requirements as to format or content. Please upload the video to Vimeo, YouTube or your chosen platform, paste the link below and include the password where applicable. There are no additional marks for creating a video; it simply provides an opportunity for applicants to communicate their innovation through a different medium. Professional videos or photography are not required; you can use your mobile phone to make your recording.

    (100 word limit)
  • 2. Proposed Scheduled Timeline

  • Please outline all dates related to the project, including start date, procurement timeframe and expected/proposed completion date (or launch)

    (100 word limit)
  • 3. Collaboration

  • 4. Funding

  • Please provide details on the funding and/or staffing resources your organisation will provide for the project.

    (150 word limit)
  • What are other potential sources of funding for this project?

    Has any funding been previously awarded?

    (150 word limit)
  • Please note: Public service salaries are not covered by this fund. Costs associated with a ‘contract for services’ are eligible. Please indicate the amount inclusive of VAT. Please note the minimum award is €25,000 and the maximum is €60,000.
    Capital €Used ForProcurement Month 
  • Materials €Used ForProcurement Month 
  • Contract for Services €Used ForProcurement Month 
  • Other €Used ForProcurement Month 
  • (Including VAT, if applicable)
  • Senior Management Information

    The application should be approved by your Senior Management. Please include details for your Principal Officer (or higher) in the Civil Service, Director of Service (or higher) in Local Government, and the equivalent or higher in other Public Service bodies. Should your funding application be successful, the Secretary General, Chief Executive, Director General or equivalent of your organisation will be required to sign the Memorandum of Agreement between the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform and your organisation.