Reform evaluation

Our Public Service was initially designed and continues to integrate and strengthen the wider landscape of strategic change programmes across Ireland’s public service. It ensures that there is a consistent focus on reform across all sectors and that the planning, implementation and communication of all Government strategies are well co-ordinated, integrated and supported. This framework has an outcomes-driven focus, and has been designed to enable public service organisations to deliver better outcomes for the public.

Our Public Service has identified six high-level outcomes:

These outcomes reflect the longer-term impact of the framework in delivering improvements across the 18 Actions and will be measured using a range of methodologies, including national and international surveys and quantitative metrics from sources including the Central Statistics Office, EUROSTAT and the Institute of Public Administration, as well information developed by public service organisations from customer and employee surveys.

The Reform Evaluation Unit (REU) in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform collaborated with IGEES, DPER Votes, Sectoral PMOs and Public Service organisations to identify Our Public Service implementation plans. As well as looking at outcomes, it is also important to develop appropriate measures of outputs. Each action in this framework has a set of possible output indicators associated with it. The REU worked to identify appropriate indicators to measure the successful implementation of actions in an effective and proportionate manner for each sector. The emphasis was on identifying outputs and outcomes that result in better public services for our people and our businesses.