“The next programme of Public Service reform is under development. In the meantime the OPS Networks and Action Teams will continue their existing work programmes, so keep an eye on the website for all our latest news. Please contact the PMO office if you have any queries at reformoffice@per.gov.ie

Methodology and definitions

The Reform Evaluation Unit (REU) worked to assist in the assessment of performance under Our Public Service. The unit was tasked with improving reporting of progress, work collaboratively with stakeholders to promote performance and output based reporting, and develop guidance tools as required. In addition, methods to forge and embed stronger links between the reform programme and public expenditure processes were explored.

As acknowledged under Our Public Service, identifying outcome indicators is challenging and measuring outcomes is not necessarily straightforward. To assist in the challenges posed, the Reform Evaluation Unit with the assistance of an advisory group, under the Chair of Dr Richard Boyle, Institute of Public Administration, drew together an initial range of indicators to assist and inform organisations with measurement and trend analysis. The report was published in 2020 OPS 2020 Selected Indicators & Trends Report and its accompanying press release.

In addition the REU:

  • developed a reporting template to capture, on an annual basis, information and data from the Departments, major Offices and sectors with specific reference to Our Public Service.
  • developed a database to record projects and initiatives which will provide an overview of reform activities mapped out against the framework over the lifetime of Our Public Service. Over 700 projects and initiatives have been recorded across the public service for 2018 and the database will be updated annually.
  • undertook and completed Civil Service Business Customers Survey of 510 businesses nationwide in 2018, with a survey on Customer Satisfaction with the Irish Civil Service commissioned for 2019.