How was it developed?

Our Public Service 2020, the framework for development and innovation in the public service, was launched in December 2017.

Preparation of the framework involved a wide-ranging process of engagement with representatives from across the civil and public service. This included the Reform and Innovation Network, the Senior Officials Group on Social Policy and Public Service Reform, external experts and academics on public administration, and the OECD.

A consultation with both the general public and the wider public service was an important part of the engagement process. The consultation ran for over 7 weeks from 13 July-4 September 2017. Submissions invited in both English and Irish via an online interactive portal, dedicated email address, and were also accepted in writing. The consultation process was in line with the Guidelines on Public Consultation published by DPER in late 2016.

The OECD was commissioned to undertake an evaluation of the second Public Service Reform Plan (2014-16) in late 2016. The findings of this Review were included in the preparation of Our Public Service 2020. The Assessment, led by Mr. Edwin Lau, Head of Public Sector Reform at the OECD, comprised desk-based research and involved a three-day mission to Ireland in March 2017, where the OECD team met with key stakeholders from across the civil and public service, as well as external experts and academics working on public service reform. As part of the assessment the OECD collected and analysed the reporting from 2014, 2015 and 2016 on implementation of the plan and a survey returned from stakeholders on the design, achievements, governance and project management approach of the Public Service Reform Plan 2014-2016.

Our Public Service 2020 became operational during 2018. An innovative model of governance was put in place to oversee implementation of the actions under the framework.